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Merger, acquisition and business sale

The acquisition, merger or sale of a company has to be orchestrated by professionals. Jointly with tax experts and accountants, we will help you make the best deals and transactions.

Over time, DVSF has developed an expertise in the matter by working with experts in several fields. Our mission is to preserve and to protect your capital while managing your liquidity appropriately.


Are you a pharmacist owner?

Since 2007, David Veilleux Services Financiers has developed an expertise with pharmacist owners by elaborating unique financial strategies adapted to their domain. Furthermore, since 2017, with the arrival of a new advisor specialized with pharmacists, we have specifically created, in partnership with experts from other domains like accountants and tax experts, a department to meet the growing needs of pharmacist owners in terms of financial services.

Are you a pharmacy graduate?

Our new department entirely dedicated to pharmacists allows us to accompany pharmacists throughout their journey. From the acquisition of their own pharmacies to their sales when retirement comes, our advisor Claudia Létourneau Fillion is tooled to offer several financial services that will prove useful overtime.


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