David Veilleux

President & financial security advisor
Group Insurance and Group annuity plans advisor
Investment representative, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd

« To guide effectively, you have to be attentive »



David Veilleux is an entrepreneur who built is success by adopting reassuring and pragmatic approach. Since the beginning of his career, he has built relationships with his clients based on mutual trust. People look forward to hear his advice. David is much more that financial security advisor for his clients : He is a discreet confident and a good listener.

David specializes with entrepreneurs and professionals who are at the stage of selling their business or transferring it to the next generation. He is interested in the preserving and the protection of his client’s capital. Furthermore, he offers his expertise in liquidities and heritage management. David Veilleux’s main objective is to accompany his clients in their wealth’s growth while protecting their assets’ value.

Salmon Fishing expert, golf and tennis fan and wine aficionado, David transposes in his professional universe qualities essential to the practice of these activities, such as patience, perseverance and constancy. Appreciated for his professionalism and his integrity, David built overtime strong business relationships and partnerships in order to offer his clients a wide range of resources, premium products and wise advice.

Proud of the company he has built during the last 25 years, his mission is to surround himself with the best advisors and support team to be people’s number 1 choice.

primary clients

  • Business owners
  • Professionals
  • Business people

contact David

418 622-8060 EXT. 222
1 877-422-8060

cv and achievements

  • President and founder of David Veilleux Services Financiers Inc.
  • Financial security advisor
  • Insurance and collective annuities advisor
  • Representative in collective savings with Quadrus Ltée Investment Services
  • Member of Top of the Table (TOT)
  • Life member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Co-president of the Fondation du Relais de l’espérance’s annual financing campaign
  • Founder and member of the Groupe VLL business group
  • Member of Ange Québec

David Veilleux,

social involvement

and philanthropy.

David Veilleux Services Financiers and its team are involved in society via many social causes either through monetary donations or social involvement. We are proud of the company we have built. We support organizations that help the youths because we believe that a well tooled youth will produce great entrepreneurs.

David Veilleux Services Financiers inc. Scholarship
David Veilleux Services Financiers offers each year a 2000$ scholarship to a student of the Faculty of the Business administration of Laval University (FSA Ulaval) in the financial services field. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who stands out by his academic record and his social involvement during the FSA Ulaval Ceremony of Excellence. By this donation, David Veilleux Services Financiers encourages young people to invest in their future by pursuing their academic studies. The firm invests in the knowledge of future entrepreneurs and managers. This year’s recipient student is Valérie Faucher. She is accompanied by the FSA Ulaval’s Dean, Michel Gendron on the picture.
Maison Kekpart
Normand Chadwick financial security advisor, has been involved for several years on the board of directors of Maison Kekpart. Located in Montreal’s South Shore, this non profit organization has for mission of offering a safe and favourable place for kids and teenagers to help them discover new possibilities and overcome obstacles all while establishing positive relationships et developing their confidence and skills to better face life’s challenges. The project approach is at the core of the organization. The social workers base themselves on the teenagers’ talents, dreams, ideas and passions and create with them projects that reflect those realities. Because Normand has a passion for his job, he encourages this cause that supports passionate youths. Because passion leads to success.
David Veilleux entrepreneurship found

This found was created to bring support to young entrepreneurs who wish to start a business. When a youth decides to start his own company, he needs financial support and a form of mentorship to guide him and help his company grow. David likes to help serious and persevering entrepreneurs in the making. He wishes to share discussions, questions and advice that allow both parties to open up to the business world

Le Relais d'Espérance
David Veilleux is co-president of the Relais de l’Espérance’s annual financing campaign. In addition to making a significant donation of 75 000$, David is involved with the Foundation to organize fundraising events and to find partners that will allow the Relais to pursue their activities.

The Relais de l’espérance has been around for 35 years. It welcomes everybody, especially men, who are facing psychological, social, physical and economical problems. The organization offers several services : psychosocial interventions, food services, pre-employment programs, medical consultations and trainings. Its mission is to play an intermediary role between these persons and the rest of society all while breaking isolation. People are progressively integrated back in society. David Veilleux Services Financiers was created by a young entrepreneur with a lot of will power, we wish to transpose this leadership to less fortunate people and show them that they can take matters in their own hands and live theirs lives fully!